Monday, February 11, 2008

5 column free template for blogspot blogger

Here are the all new 5 column free template for blogspot bloggers ! It,s not just specious but also the space is usable to the fullest extent ! The 5 coloumn free template for blogspot is now yours ! More staffs to stay side by side !

There are five 5 types available based on the position of the main bar that holds posts – main1234, 1main234, 12main34, 123main4, 1234main . All of them are with different color schemes as well as with different positions of sidebars and the mainbar. Choose yours !

There are something that I should tell you about the sidebars. Sidebar 1 and 3 are set in the size that can perfectly hold Adsense 120 x 600 Skyscraper . So it will be convenient to set two units of 120 x 600 Skyscraper in sidebar 1 and 3 if you wish.

I suggest to put text, picture, Profile, Archive, in either sidebar 2 or 4 as those are larger than rest of the sidebars.

List, Labels, Link List, can easily be accommodated in both sidebar 1 and sidebar 3.
And about template colors, you can set them either blank or blind or choose something middle of those two ! Each sidebar can take different color.

Now what left ? Oh ! Wait, If you are familiarized with blogspot template changing than it’s ok to move forward without hesitation. Again, if you are not that much familiarized and want to start a new blog , even that’s ok to move forward with 5 column template. But if you are going to replace the existing template of a running blog loaded with sidebar widgets, before picking up a new template I suggest you to head over into the Instruction page.

It will be nice to hear from you !