Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tips for new bloggers

If you write only for yourself or people that know you and your blog, it’s ok to just post your content. But if you wish to reach readers that may not known to you, follow these –

Copy your blog address and with that make searches in all major search engines. First time you may see that they haven’t indexed you blog. But as you do query, search engines will come to see what is in your blog so that they can show it later when other people will search topics , relevant to your published contents.

Do not ever publish anything only to test in your blog. Why ? Search engine may index that useless pages. Sometimes these kind of test posts with nothing, can be shown at an upper position than that of your original content pages. To test all your settings set a test blog and play there. After you finish apply the changes to your original blog. Again, before posting, check whether your post title is ok or not. Because blogspot will take the first segment of the post tile to make the post page url.

Try to guess or use tools to know, from which reign majority of your blog readers come . If they are from a reign where provided internet connections are too slow, you should not load your blog with heavy contents like – numerous long posts on main page, high quality images, heavy flash files and unusual scripts. Longer loading time may force your readers to leave your blog.

Let other know about what you are writing. How? By sending 100 of mails to unknown addresses? No. Search blogs of your interest. Go there. Leave your comment along with your blog address. Those bloggers, even some of their readers may get back to your blog. If possible leave a relevant question there, so that a blogger feel interest to visit your blog before answering.

Join different communities and forums. Publish your blog address there.

When you are preparing to write something, think about the words that best present the subject matter. Put those words relevantly into the title of your post.

Try to do post regularly if possible.

Put your blog address whenever you mail someone.

Try to keep pace with latest buzzes and publish them before some other do so before you.

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Partha Pratim Ghosh Roy said...

These suggestions were really good for me. I am new blogger and I shall try to follow, whatever advised.
Partha Pratim Ghosh Roy