Friday, January 25, 2008

How to take back up

Two parts – blog template and widgets.

Lets talk first about taking back up of template.

From blogspot dashboard, go to template tab, than press Edit Html sub tab.
There are two options - Copy the html of your template directly and then save it in a word or text file. Remember where you are saving it, so that you can find it easily when you will upload it again.

Another way is to click on Download Full Template link. Then blogspot will ask you to save the template as a xml file. Just save it in safe place of your local hard drive to use it later.

Now taking back up of widgets –

First of all create a word or text file and save it. Then go to Page Element sub tab. On every widget you will see Edit link. Click on Edit, copy the widget data and if necessary take configuration notes and put them into the previously saved word/text file.

All you need to back up is now safe.


SAP4US said...


Thank you very much. Your information is very useful for new bloggers just like me.


ACIKALAO said...

hi i would like to download it but i dont know where please help to download ma msn is