Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blogging idea - Expressing Experience

When ever you buy something or face good or bad experience regarding any service, you can share them. So that others can avoid that or go for that or learn from that ! Whatever experience it is, opening a bank account, your moves to share market, having passport, learning driving, transport service that you used, your favorite pizza shop, a bad band album, . . .! It can be marked as a like-hate blog ! Readers worldwide might not jump into your blog, but people in your locality will find great interest in them!

This type of blog will punish bad service or commodity providers as well as encourage good firms. Because when readers will know about the good or bad of the service/commodity it will be easy for them to take decisions of their own about those.
Thus the firm will face it’s consequences.

I think permitting 1 or 2 posts on the main page is the best. Post your experience and put a link of that post in the sidebar. Readers will be able to have birds eye view on all of them.

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