Saturday, January 26, 2008

1main234 - 5 column template

1main234 - 5 column template

First of all save a back up of your existing template and the widget data. You may find it help full to read the instruction page for changing template and How to back up.

When you are done. Download this xml file which is archived as a rar file. Save it in your computer. Extract the xml file from the archive. And finally upload your new 5 column template. One thing more, if you are using this template, leave the URL in the comment section. I may put that link here (may be!).

Download this template


Web Goodies 411 said...

I think these are so cool. Since I started blogging, I've felt there was so much wasted space. I just searched on a whim "4 column" and when I found that I searched "5 column" and here they are. I am using 1main234 on my new blog I have one problem though, I need the text in sidebar one to be red and I see only one area to change text color and it affects the entire blog. Can I set the text in the sidebars to be different colors from the main? Thanks so much.

5 column Template said...

I am really happy to know that you have liked my five column templates. To set a different color for text in a specific sidebar follow this – from bloggger dashboard go to Layout > Page Elements > click on Add a Page Element > Choose TEXT (Add to blog) > Write down or paste the text > select all the text > click on the T icon associated with the colored box > choose color > Save it. It’s done.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for your effort. I uploaded this to Blogger and got this error message:"More than one widget was found with id: Profile2. Widget IDs should be unique"
Any idea what is going on and how to fix it?
Thank you

5 column Template said...

Dear Jennifer, thats nothing serious.Follow - 1.From Dashboard Go to Layout > Pick New Template > Choose a new template (e.g. minima) > save it. Then upload a new 5 column template of your choice.
or 2. Delete your blog's About Me widget(s) from Page Element and save. Then choose a new 5 column. Hope these will do. Wishing to witness your 5 column blog on net soon !

Jennifer said...

Thank you for replying so swiftly!

--------------------------------- said...

thanks bro....using ur 5 column...i modified it into 11 column one...still the site development is in progress....u can check out my site....
thanks again....u wer the inspiration..;-)

boy gossip said...

nice template you have there.
i'm using it now in my blog.
thanks for sharing.

here's my website:

Argado said...

i love blog templates. 5 Column for many ads! I want try it!